Best Bookies accepting Litecoin

Some of the key factors that determine the success of a sports betting site are the payment methods. Bank cards are commonly used for sportsbetting but technology has led to the advent of more secure options like cryptocurrencies. One of the digital coins that are frequently used by sports bettors today is Litecoin (LTC). The best crypto bookmakers accept LTC deposits and withdrawals.

Unlike traditional banking methods, Litecoin allows a gambler to bet on their favorite game without sharing their financial information, like bank account or credit card number, with the online betting website. Most banking transactions are completed after rigorous security checks.

Best Bookies accepting Litecoin
How to deposit with Litecoin

How to deposit with Litecoin

In some countries where sports betting is illegal, the government monitors the destination of funds, and so local players have to look for alternative methods of payment. Many sports betting fans want to avoid such inconveniences at their preferred bookies. They’d rather use anonymous and more secure methods like Litecoin. With LTC, users don’t have to wait for too long as there is no third-party authorization required.

Crypto payments like LTC allow users to use smartphones and tablets from any location as long as there is a reliable internet connection. So, when a player is betting on mobile, the transaction will be much easier because they will be redirected to their digital app.

When a player visits a Litecoin sportsbetting site, they will need to register with a username and password before they deposit with Litecoin. Online betting with Litecoin is a peer-to-peer process as it doesn’t involve a financial intermediary. All transactions are stored in a public ledger, backed by Blockchain technology.

The central banks of most countries do not regulate cryptocurrencies, so there’s no way to connect a Litecoin wallet to a bank account. That said, a sports bettor needs to have a Litecoin wallet and make sure it’s loaded with LTC so they can transfer them to their betting account.

How to deposit with Litecoin
How to start online betting with Litecoin

How to start online betting with Litecoin

Gamblers who have never used crypto payments before might not know how to deposit with Litecoin. They can follow these steps:

  • Choose a suitable wallet and buy LTC from a Litecoin exchange platform
  • Signing up at an online sports betting site that accepts LTC
  • Logging in to the new account
  • The player chooses a Litecoin deposit from a drop-down list of payment methods
  • They are directed to their digital wallet app
  • On the app, the player clicks ‘Send’ and enters the betting site’s wallet address (or they can scan the site’s QR code)
  • Then they specify the amount of LTC to deposit
  • Finally, they confirm the amount and submit the information
  • The process can take up to two hours and sometimes a few minutes
  • The player can start playing for real money once the funds reflect on their bankroll

Litecoin offers lower fees compared to traditional banking methods. Players should take note of the deposit limit at the sports betting account before initiating a deposit. The minimum transaction limit with Litecoin is 0.01 LTC and there’s no maximum limit. Depositing the wrong amount or sending it to an incorrect wallet address might lead to an irreversible loss.

How to start online betting with Litecoin
How to make a withdrawal with Litecoin

How to make a withdrawal with Litecoin

Withdrawal involves requesting winnings from an online betting website to the player's crypto wallet. This could be a web wallet, mobile wallet, or hard wallet. After winning and confirming the prize, punters can successfully withdraw the money to their LTC wallets using the following procedure.

  • The player navigates to the cashier section and clicks on Payouts or Withdrawals
  • They must choose a withdrawal method, in this case, Litecoin
  • They add a digital wallet address
  • Next is entering the amount to withdraw in LTC
  • Then they click the Review button to confirm the details
  • A confirmation message will pop on the screen to show that the withdrawal has been initiated
  • The player receives their money once the bookmaker approves of the withdrawal

Again, players must be keen when providing their wallet addresses. Any funds sent to the wrong address cannot be reversed. With Litecoin withdrawals, sports betting players keep their identities hidden because they don’t supply personal data like names. As a result, authorities and financial institutions cannot track the source of their funds.

Withdrawal fees and speed

For the majority of online payment options, punters are forced to jump through hoops when retrieving their hard-earned betting cash. Speed is one of the most challenging aspects of withdrawing funds from online sports betting accounts.

Bank transfers can take up to 7 business days, but cryptocurrencies have come to save gamblers from this hassle. Litecoin’s transfer time is incredibly fast. Depending on the sportsbook, the player may receive their money instantly or within 24 hours after approval. This allows the owner of those funds to start utilizing them as soon as possible.

Another inconveniencing factor is the associated cost of the transfer. Luckily, the fees involved in Litecoin withdrawals are infinitesimal. There are no additional costs of using digital currency because it is decentralized.

How to make a withdrawal with Litecoin
Safety and security at Litecoin

Safety and security at Litecoin

Crypto enthusiasts acknowledge the benefits of Blockchain technology as it makes online money transfers safer and more straightforward. First, no central authority monitors the validity of Litecoin deposits or withdrawals. Furthermore, one can easily convert Litecoin to fiat money without visiting a bank. The burden of trying to hide from prying eyes is thus reduced.

Litecoin assets are protected by some of the most reliable wallets. One of them is the cold storage mechanism which works on encrypted offline devices. It has an additional layer of protection against cyber threats. Users secure their digital coins with private keys on the cold wallet and keep them safe in secure chips.

Because there is no limit to the number of crypto wallets one can have, Litecoin users can diversify their storage in multiple wallets. One wallet can be used for sports betting and another one for long-term investments. This keeps the LTC portfolio safeguarded and reduces the chances of a breach of an LTC wallet. Each digital wallet has a set of confidential keys without which the account remains inaccessible. Unless the key is stolen or lost, the money remains safe.

Safety and security at Litecoin
Litecoin customer support options

Litecoin customer support options

No doubt, Blockchain transactions are secure but they are still prone to a few concerns like phishing attacks, counterfeiting, and double-spending. Some users have also reported missing some of their coins. But, Litecoin wallet providers and exchanges offer profound customer support to prove the reliability of the payment method.

Some technical issues may arise when using Litecoin at an online sports betting site. Reaching out to tech support opens up opportunities for fast transactions and strong security. Due to the increased risk of online fraud, Litecoin experts are willing to advise customers on data backup and recovery, PC optimization, malware removal, antivirus software, network issues, and troubleshooting of operating systems.

Litecoin support teams can be reached via:

  • Phone call
  • Social media pages
  • Remote assistants (bots)
  • Email

Litecoin customer care support avails their service at any hour during any day. Their remote assistants are immediate and prompt regardless of the kind of LTC wallet issue at hand. Technical assistance ranges from solving Blockchain-based issues and online transactions.

The helpline number can help solve just any problem, including wallet glitches. It is toll-free and is available 24/7. Also, users can drop emails with detailed information on the challenges they’re facing.

Litecoin customer support options