Best Bookies accepting Ripple

One of the first things bettors need to know about Ripple is that it is basically cryptocurrency. The crypto is called XRP but it's commonly called Ripple, the name of the fast-growing payments service that uses XRP for global money transfers.

The service was established in 2012, making it a relatively young payment method for most bettors. It's extremely fast and secure, just like other cryptos in circulation like Bitcoin and Dash. Transfers are made through RippleNet, which usually takes only seconds anywhere in the world. Like for most cryptos, regularly check the prices for XRP before depositing or withdrawing.

Best Bookies accepting Ripple
How to deposit funds with RippleHow to withdraw funds with Ripple
How to deposit funds with Ripple

How to deposit funds with Ripple

Despite its relative youth, many betting sites accept Ripple as a valid payment option.

In order to deposit using this cryptocurrency, bettors need to sign up to a reliable exchange. As with every transaction, it should be a trustworthy site as you'll be buying digital coins with a debit or credit card.

Again, just like any other crypto, bettors need a wallet for their coins. After setting it up, they can now transfer the available funds to their wallets as they see fit.

Once players have purchased their coins, they should use a Ripple XRP ledger, which can track all transactions made with your wallet and account. The ledger uses decentralized blockchain technology to process transactions almost instantly. Using this ledger requires no additional permissions for bettors to access and utilize it.

To bet with Ripple, simply head to your preferred betting site and find the 'Deposit' section. Then, choose Ripple as the preferred payment method from the options provided. An address will then be generated for the desired deposit amount.

Then, using their Blockchain wallet, bettors must deposit the funds to the given address. The monies are promptly credited to your betting account after they have been accepted. All deposit transactions are free and handled promptly on most betting sites.

Each bookmaker may have its own policy when it comes to depositing limits. Check with your betting site's customer service team to find out what the minimum and maximum deposits are for Ripple.

How to deposit funds with Ripple
How to withdraw funds with Ripple

How to withdraw funds with Ripple

Most betting sites that accept Ripple will most likely let bettors withdraw their earnings through the same method, as Ripple acts more as a cryptocurrency than a run-of-the-mill payment service.

To withdraw funds from betting sites through Ripple, simply:

  1. Log in to your betting site and locate the page or option for withdrawals
  2. When prompted, choose Ripple as the withdrawal method amongst the options.
  3. If asked, fill in the relevant data, then confirm and authorize the transaction.

As obvious above, the withdrawal process for Ripple is similar for other methods. It's also a convenient option, as it is extremely fast and cheap. Ripple processes transactions at speeds of 3.3 seconds with fees as low as $0.0004.

Multiple cryptocurrency exchanges also handle XRP for fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD, CHF, NZD, and many more. XRP can also be traded for Etherum and Bitcoin at some exchanges.

To make things better, Ripple is run through more than 150 validators across the globe which eliminates the possibility of network overloads. Ripple also collaborated with other payment services to help make cross-border transactions easier. To maximize customer satisfaction, Ripple now processes upwards of 15,000 transactions per second.

Bettors should also lookout for RXP faucets, which can provide free RXP for doing tasks like mini-games. It might not be much, but it might give you an extra deal or a few rolls of the dice to pad your earnings before you withdraw.

How to withdraw funds with Ripple